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Our Children


Hello Folks my name is Brody

I like watching the TV especially Mickey Mouse and the Waybuloo’s.
I also like toys with buttons I can press and looking at books.The hydrotherapy pool at my school is also awesome.

Our Children
Our Children


Hello My name is Sadie,

I enjoy arts and crafts, old buildings and churches. I also really like travelling by bus and train.


Hi  I am Keenan,

I love music and sing really loudly. I like to wash cars and keep them clean. I have helped out in a community cafe this summer. Just washing up but really enjoyed it

Our Children
Our Children


Hello my Name is Karl,

I like Rally cars, Tractors and Landrovers….and enjoy flicking through Landrover magazines.

I also enjoy all kinds of music, especially cheesy pop songs. I like people, traffic watching, being outside in the fresh air and especially going to farms or animal parks. I especially like to go fast in the car, and really enjoys being in the hydrotherapy pool.


Hello  I am Oliver,

I like music, I loves to dance to Taylor swift especially and chewing things, mostly things he’s not allowed like mobile phones and remote controls. He also loves eating. 

Our Children
Our Children


Hey i’m David,

I loves Music, Pictures, the computer , going out and about and meeting people,  animals and going through catalogues.


Hello I’m William,

I like playing with the other people especially my brother and sister. I likes books  playing with musical toys, peek-a-boo and flashing lights. I Really enjoys playing with my cuddly toy Elmo, who sings and talks to me. I  started crawling, and started exploring  the cupboards and drawers and pulling all the stuff out. I likes to be tickled.

Our Children
Our Children


Hi  I am Lee,

I like being at the shore, going on holidays and love watching DVDs.


Hi  I am Conor

I love music…the faster the better. I love cartoons and have a great sense of humour.

Our Children
Our Children


Hey there I’m Alfie

My favourite things are music, dancing, being chased, going out in the wind…and cake.


Hello  I’m Joseph,

 I love Mr Tumble. I also love going on trips to the seaside.

Our Children
Our Children


Hey i’m Jack,

I love the wind in my face and watching the trees. I also love music and flashing lights


Hello I’m Connor,

My name is Connor and i love all different types of music. I love walks along the shore going out for dinner.

Our Children
Our Children


 My name is William,

I love music, being surrounded by people talking, mobile phones and radios. I love swimming, walks in my wheelchair outside and cuddling.


Hi  I am Eddie

I am a very active boy, who loves to be busy. I really enjoy my cars, wheels, iPads, iPhones and especially love my food.

Our Children
Our Children


My name is Joe,

I love books, cars and  playing with my big sister Elena!! I  love to people watch, and always take an interest in people!! I love school especially cooking sessions (always sneaking a little taste of the ingredients). I love being outside, to feel the wind on me as  it always puts a smile on my face!!


Hello  I’m Liam,

I love watching Mr Tumble on my tv playing on my iPad and spinning wheels

Our Children
Our Children


Hi my name is James, I am 15 years old, my likes are  music and cars and looking through photograph albums.  I enjoy listening to music on my IPad especially watching people playing different songs on a Tyros 4 keyboard. 

My Dad has an old XR2 car called Frankie and I love being out with Dad


My name is George I love anything musical and love wheels that I can spin around and have the best laugh when mummy tickles my feet x

Our Children
Our Children


Hello… My name is Jovan… The best thing about me is my charming smile… I love music and really love bubbles… I even wake up wanting bubbles! I am a very happy and cheeky boy.


Hi my name is Michael and I love being outside in the fresh air and I also love school because I can be with my friends.

Our Children