Keenans Fund


Keenan’s Fund was started in March of 2015. Our sole aim is to fundraise on behalf of MECP2 UK duplication.

Keenan was diagnosed in October 2014 he is now 16. After some soul searching for an idea that could benefit not only Keenan but also the other members of the MECP2 family, we came up with the idea of a holiday caravan.

This is what we are aiming for. We expect the fundraising to last for 2 years therefore at the beginning of holiday season 2017 we should be able to purchase a caravan on the east coast.

We have held various raffles, bring and buy sales and prize bingo. The fundraising currently stands at £2053.00 as of the 21st August. We have a skydive planned for September and mountain climb up Snowdon in November, both sponsored events.

We are always on the look out for people who wish to join us fundraising for our guys.

Respite is as important for the families as it is for our guys, maybe after a stay in hospital you need a couple of nights at the seaside. That’s where the caravan comes in at a nominal charge.

So if  anyone needs anymore information, or would like to help me to help our guys through fundraising in your area then please give me a shout .